A bright yellow marigold…

P1020145growing in the midst of the red berries of the cotoneaster brightened up a really dull wet day. 1-P1020155

I noticed the tete a tete narcissi  I had forgotten to replant in the ground last year were blooming in their battered cardboard pots, too.

Now the decorations are down the place looked a bit sorry for itself so sorted out my orchids. I buy them when they are reduced and have quite a few and am now a dab hand at keeping them flowering.

P1020140The secret is never to cut the stem down too far.  Just take the dead blooms off and snip off the piece of the stalk if it brown and dead. But leave much of the longish bald stalk alone and soon little shoots will appear.

Water thoroughly once a fortnight too. I find new shoots appear from amidst the leaves, too, if I am lucky. Give them a weeny bit of food once a month and that seems to be that!

1-P1020152Having  a pot of just about anything growing on a windowsill is therapeutic and lifts ones spirits.

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1 Response to A bright yellow marigold…

  1. alexjosephy says:

    I’m going to try that Ann! I love orchids x

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