Lost landmarks and getting old

P1020274I was so sorry to see that the garden next to the Garden Museum near Lambeth Palace was boarded up last week with posters that proclaimed mega money going into improvements. This means it will not be open again until 2017.

This little garden  has always been one of my favourite places when getting off the bus at Lambeth Palace and wandering along to The Poetry School in Lambeth Walk.   If I was early enough I often popped into the cafe and museum too.

P1020275 P1020283 P1020278

It was the fact that the garden itself was a bit sprawling and had the name of plants on little handwritten notices that appealed so much. I can’t see the new improved version looking so very obviously loved in this casual fashion. How I hate moving with the times even if they are going to save the interior of the church too!

P1020281 P1020279 P1020280

The Museum was set up in 1977 in order to rescue from demolition the abandoned ancient church of St Mary’s. The church is the burial place of John Tradescant (c1570 – 1638), the first great gardener and plant-hunter in British history.


P1020282           DSCF8207         P1020284

The picture in the middle was taken last year when someone planted a series of balloons outside the door to celebrate love and the next was spotted along the main road.

But at the end of the day I am always heading for a course at The Poetry School and all the travelling, the bus, the problems and hold ups on the line from Brighton pale into insignificance when I actually get there.   I will watch progress at the Garden museum with interest.


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