Up to London to The Troubadour

1-P1020320 Coffee-house in Brompton Road tomorrow where they serve
fantastic meals, wine and coffee and which I think is one of
the best poetry venues in London.

1-P1020332       1-P1020329       1-P1020312

2-P1020313            3-P1020314           4-P1020315

5-P1020316                   6-P1020319                     DSCF9851

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4 Responses to Up to London to The Troubadour

  1. rutinka says:

    One day let’s have an outing with the poetry group up there Ruthxx

  2. ann perrin says:

    Lovely night and fantastic poets. But Brighton trains are not always kind! Today engineering works are running over from the weekend so total chaos and cancellations until tomorrow, Really sad but won’t make it after all and I’ve got a season ticket too! But nice thought. Ann

  3. Peter Kenny says:

    Hi Ann — I used to go there every week in the late 80s early 90s. Not been for about ten years. Your post reminded me I must check it out again soon. And yes, Brighton trains are evil sometimes

  4. ann perrin says:

    Well you’ve missed some treats, it’s fortnightly now and Anne-Marie Fyfe, well respected poet the warm and wonderful host might see you there sometime x

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