Clapped and whooped at ‘Gardener’s Question Time!’

1-P1020302Despite the fact that our allotment looks a bit neglected, the garlic from the site shop is sprouting. Bought some more at Asda yesterday and some seed potatoes at the garden centre. Never know which to buy so many to choose from so all tends to be a bit hit and miss.

Went to the Royal Academy to see the Monet again, but this time to attend ‘Gardener’s Question Time’ too.  We all had to clap and cheer a lot!  But we all got a glass of bubbly for our trouble. The programme was on the air this evening.

Already blogged the Monet exhibition which is brilliant of course, he was such a committed gardener and those waterlilies are always stunning. However many many other garden paintings by a wonderful array of artists on display too. Spelling binding!

1-P1020250  5-P1020257   1-P1020259 3-P1020254



Celebrity Gardeners seem a bit like Celebrity Cooks to me and must make a fortune! Strange seeing them all the usual garden people in person.  I could even imagine Bob Flowerdew peering down at the various fruit cages made from redundant pallets on our allotment with interest!

Today we had been invited to write questions down on arrival but they must have already chosen most in advance as the programme started almost immediately!

I warmed to the brilliant young botanist on the team, James Wong, who was both knowledgeable and fun!

Robin my eldest son was all geared up to ask about plants for a bank he has j1-IMAG0239ust created at this cottage. But later ordered a range of plants and some roses from a reputable company happy to give tips.

Some of us formed and orderly gueue at the end of the programme
and Bunny Guinness was quite happy to answer my question about pruning.a clematis  running through a passion flower.

P1020417 P1020415 P1020414 P1020416

I just love gardens and garden centres.  Wyvale near the racecourse in Brighton is especially welcoming and they  have lovely plants at modest cost and are happy to answer questions. The tea room has fantastic scones with lashings of cream…umm bang goes the diet again! Good place to meet up for a coffee with or without the flowers!

Previous post on Monet includes little film of his garden even the thought of it always cheers me up in February..

Post Script – If you are in Sussex, digit on Sunday mornings is brilliant programme. Ordinary people ask whole range of well ‘down to earth questions’ sometimes funny too!  Make sure you have a pen handy!


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