Just love the detail …

04-P1020702   03-P1020691  1-P1020683-003  1-P1020687-001  11-P1020728

Could not get them any bigger without losing quality, maybe  better for being little gems.

08-P1020711  19-P1020749  23-P1020760  15-P1020739  17-P1020741

Met up with grandchildren all home from Uni with plenty of tales to tell. The beach hut had not blown away in the storm and the fence I mended with string on the allotment last week was still standing, if only just! Keeping fingers crossed for everything.. ‘Don’t count your chickens until they’re hatched’ as my old Granny used to say! ‘Onwards and upwards’ as my mother used to say….did any of us ever have a normal conversation? Probably not!

13-P1020735   21-P1020754    12-P1020635    22-P1020757

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