Rottingdean’s Art club

A new exhibition at the Grange Art Gallery and Museum from artists that attend Rottingdean’s Art Club. Neatly hung and with a variety of dynamic and interesting work which includes some hand painted prints.

Rottingdean Arts Club is currently looking for new meP1020809-001mbers. This autumn I understand there will be an experienced tutor on hand to give advice if you require some. Otherwise one just turns up with ones own materials to draw, paint or do some pastels. Friendly and supportive group.

P1020807-002        P1020806      P1020807-001P1020806-001

The lovely tea shop in the walled garden behind The Grange will be open next week.

While you are there you may like to visit ‘Cinema By the Sea’ and also look at various artifacts belonging to Rudyard Kipling.




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