Back on track after a few dull days

P1020814  P1020820

Whoops! I love looking out to sea and writing poetry in my beach hut but I think I am really grounded by the earth and more a garden person not so much a mermaid!  But luckily due to bringing everything from London but the kitchen sink, well including a very old kitchen sink, I can have the best of both worlds. Planted at least one shrub for every season and they really cheer me up on dull days, as does the pond that looks just like all the ponds I have ever made.

The cherry blossom is so short lived but as if by magic the Forsythia has taken it’s place as the big show off. The plum tree I pruned badly is still showing signs of life. Artichokes ready to eat and so early!

P1020816             P1020817           P1020819

The last owner loved tulips and even when we we re-planned and had paths laid I rescued most of them.   I think of her when they are in full bloom and send blessings to the wind, especially as I know she was popped in a care home in Lewes when she really didn’t want to leave this house.

Had a bad few days health wise which tends to make people of my age ponder.  Read a lot in bed which seemed like a luxury and is ridiculous considering I’m retired!

Still editing final draft of new collection, asked four long suffering people which ones to leave out if they had to choose four.Thought it might sharpen my thinking, luckily two came up with the same two so they will go.  But at the end of the day one just has to make ones own mind up. In terms of life in general it really doesn’t matter.

Now back on track,  less tired and ready to annoy family and a few friends, starting from tomorrow!




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4 Responses to Back on track after a few dull days

  1. Terry Woodhouse says:

    I really like this posting thankyou Ann

  2. ann perrin says:

    very kind thank you annx

  3. Inga says:

    Love all your writings. Hope you really are well and perhaps we will run in to each other one day soon. Take care. X

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