Fabrica – creating some more magic.

I have never been disappointed with any event I’ve attended at Fabrica. The space itself is inspiring1-P1030020 as are the truly unique exhibitions. Currently it is Luminary –  Ron Haselden until the 29th May,  ‘Luminary is a series of beautiful LED light drawings’.

07-P1030010The publicity states ‘Luminary stems from the artist’s love of drawings produced by an ‘untutored hand’, and sketches by young children and older people have provided both the inspiration and material for the final works’. Well said!

But as well as their exhibitions there are  regular events such as a film club, drawing to film and last year a series of readings and discussions. It is worth subscribing to their newsletter.

02-P1030018On Tuesday not only was there a chance to see Fellini’s 8 1/2 masterpiece but we could choose from a wonderful display  and happily create images in the semi-darkness inspired by what we saw on screen15-P1020997. The best bit is one simply does not have to have any experience as an artist (although there were three art students in the group) to mess about with white ink on black card, black ink on white, to create a blur of marks and/or to create a collage of images.

05-P1030012  06-P1030011 10-P1030005

I took along a friend for the first time and he was immediately struck by the welcoming atmosphere.  Jane Fordham has been running this event and others for several years but I just happened to discover them two years ago. They also seem to attract wonderful volunteers to help them with events, often young but always attentive and helpful.

1-P1030201 1-P1030201-001 1-P1030197-001 2-P1030198-001

One of the best things is that it is really low cost, with just a donation encouraged for materials, there are refreshments and even blankets should one feel cold!

In the evening there was a presentation by Nuala O’Sullivan  showing and promoting the  work of woman over 50 involved in the Women Over 50 Film Festival.

A short film ‘Arty Anne’ produced by Marcin Walczak about  a Scottish artist, Anne Dignan, who has Macular Degeneration Disease. Her eyesight’s deterioration has become a lifetime challenge.  We follow Anne on a journey as a keen photographer and then see how she creates beautiful tactile images from her photography.

A screening of a Braziilian drama ‘ The Second Mother’ essentially a heart warming film about a hard-working live-in housekeeper in Sao Paulo. Disturbing  in the topics raised including questions of class, motherhood and culture but in the end also with a magical touch of tenderness and humour.

40 Duke Street, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 1AG
01273 778 646

http://fabrica.org.uk/  – for news, views, video’s etc.






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