Calling all poets…

Could it be an unfamiliar footprint for the winner? Seems very unlikely but who knows? Anything can happen in a competition.

Could the winner could be you?   There are five great reasons for entering the annual Troubadour International Poetry Prize:

  • top prizes: 1st=£5000 + 22 more prizes totalling £2,000 +season tickets +Troubadour prizes (£100 restaurant gift voucher & champagne)
  • shortest turnaround: less than 7 wks from deadline (Jun 21) to contacting winners (Aug 8)
  • least conflict – with other major prizes as we’ve moved our deadline from October to June
  • no sifters/shortlisters – judges read every poem
  • prize-winners’ night – chance to read at the Troubadour alongside Jane Yeh, Glyn Maxwell & fellow prize-winners on Oct 31.

Enter by e-mail or post, full details below & on website.


£5,000 Troubadour International Poetry Prize 2016

judged by jane yeh & glyn maxwell

prizes: 1st £5,000; 2nd £1,000; 3rd £500

first prize sponsored by cegin productions

plus (new!) £100 troubadour restaurant gift voucher

I tend to avoid any advertising on this site but here are reasons why I am to bloging this comp!

  1. I was asked to tell my networks really nicely by Anne-Marie.
  2. Going up to Troubadour Poetry Nights for the last three years has really kept me going! Brill poetry and as I go up from Brighton on my own, it’s  great that I nearly always find someone interesting to have a chat to.
  3. Less pretentious than most comps.

So just where did I put my magic pile of prize winning poems?

…umm it’s a bit of a pity I’m just publishing my second collection so I  think I may be poeted out!

Good luck!

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