Eccles thinks he is off to Ticehurst on Sunday

The Telegoon pic1-P1030964which is madness considering he will need someone to pull his strings! He didn’t even ask me about the possibility of attending when he fixed it on the phone a few minutes ago with Kit Smith.

But then he told me that once Spike Milligan lived in this village and the children will reading Spike’s poems on a walk and there’s a cartoon comp. corn beef hash for lunch at The Bell!  Well I know Eccles loves all that kind of thing so of course we’re going.

Eccles was re-created to appear at one of  the Goon Show Preservation Society’s conventions many moons ago. I was once a Telegoons Puppeteer and since then he still gets to party  occasionally.  Les Drew and some of the Preservation crew will be creating mayhem with a few Goony sketches too..

Trouble is Eccles doesn’t have any comprehension of the word exhaustion  and that’s me having just completed my  second poetry collection and now I am  busy cutting out leaves for haikus to hang in a tree and trying to write some new poems for Open Gardens Weekend and poetry in Postman’s Park. This is thanks to The Poetry School and is the weekend after next.

The  new book is  called ‘The Puppeteer’s Daughter’ and it’s been a bit of marathon with a great deal of humming and haaing till the early hours.  But it’s done! Soon to be in  City books in Brighton, the Open Art Cafe in Rottingdean at and on sale on Lulu and Amazon!

“Money money money” I hear the Neddie Seegoon cry, not aware course that for most poets profits are in pennies! Unfortunarely the Telegoon puppet of Neddie was made in rubber and disintegrated years ago!

Eccles however is only sulking in a cupboard because he wasn’t featured in any of the poems, when even the Mad Hatter got a brief mention! I tried to tell him the poems are for grown ups and  about a puppeteer’s daughter as well as poems about the seaside, gardens, allotments, artists and  eccentrics and he just said “So?

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