Open Garden Squares Weekend ‘Mixed Borders’

1-P10305231-P1030524Count down …I last went to Postman’s Park about three weeks ago and sat for a while under the loggia.  The soft rain formed puddles and I watched reflections of the trees and sky creating a special magic, like peering into those ever changing patterns of a child’s kaleidoscope.

1-P1030387     1-P1030366     3-P1030368    1-P1030500  

Whatever the weather 30 poets will be in the Parks and Gardens of London (many of which are not normally open to the public) with their sunhats, sandals, umbrellas and wellies and I will be in Postman’s Park.  All the poets will be inspired by the wonderful space presented and no doubt will  be writing muddy poems, warm poems,  silly poems, sad poems,  colourful poems, historic poems and of course gracious poems

The main idea, of course, is for members of the public to enjoy this unique opportunity to see these special places, but if they feel the urge to pick up a pencil to add your own thoughts and observations that will be great! Some poets in the gardens will have organised space for your contributions, others might be planning to collect contributions for  a communal poem.

So now it is just two days to go so I am laminating some famous garden poems to make a tiny poetry flower bed, printing postcards and cutting out leaves for those that might write  poems or haikus to hang in a tree. I won’t be  far from the lovely volunteers who will be offering refreshments and selling plants.

Oh, and then there is still packing my bag getting the tickets and hoping Southern Rail don’t cancel too many trains up from Brighton.

This park is open to the public every day but many in the  Open Garden Squares weekendIMG_0112-001 are not and will be opened specially

Thanks go to the Poetry School who have had a busy timeDSC06599 supporting the whole enterprise.

Tickets can be purchased in advance from

An award winning blog  for a ‘blog that brightens our day’



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