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London Parks and Garden Squares Weekend.  This year in Postman’s Park they had John Price, who has written 15-P1030421 a book about the people on the Watts memorial tiles, giving talks. He is an historian as well as a man who has a passion for the ordinary heroes and heroines recorded on the Watts Memorial tiles. He has set up an organisation to raise funds  to
add the last few plaques that were not included at the outset.

There was also and a wonderful installation from Honeycomb meadow ‘river of flowers’ with  wildflower meadows  in containers. Kathryn Lwin, the person responsible, is a curator of wild flowers, i1-P1040228ntent on conserving the seeds of threatened species.
The names of some of the lesser known flowers are magical. The stories she had to tell of her exploits finding the seeds were inspiring. She had traveled all the way from Manchester.

1-P1040250 1-P1040229 4-P1040235 1-P1040230

Friends of City Gardens had a pop up cafe, homemade cakes and tea!  All yummy. They also run tours, some themed, visiting many of the open spaces in the brochure.

Other 1-P1040313-003volunteers ran a plant stall where people could take plants and hopefully add a donation to the 1-P1030523 The London Parks Trust Fund. And of course there were visitors in their hundreds especially on Sunday. Lots and lots of children too this year running around playing hide and seek, having fun.

As a poet in residence as well as the opportunity to write new poems, I had free tickets to visit other parks over the weekend.  Postman’s was open on both daysP1040253 but my partner and I took a couple of hours off to pop 1-P1040285along to Crossbones a truly touching memorial set in the grounds of a burial site for prostitute who where one licenced by the Bishop of Winchester.

There were two fellow poets in residence there busy writing poems and a guy who 1-P1040284does dry stone walling here too..

Back again to Postman’s Park where on the second day when we had a lot more visitors.

At the time of the residency only one single white leaf remained on the handkerchief tree.  so was so glad I had taken the time to travel up to see it when it was in full bloom. 

There are earlier posts about this splendid tree.

5-IMAG0066  1-P1040360

  Tomorrow  it’s  back to life in the real world and in a week or two working on some more of my draft poems. A unique experience for which I am will always be truly grateful.

 4-P1040297   1-P1040310   1-P1040326   1-P1040294

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