‘The Puppeteer’s Daughter’

1-P1040516With our white rabbit on the front cover and John McCullough’s and Tim Dooley’s wonderful endorsements on the back my new collection of poetry has just taken flight!  The back page says ‘The poems explore the complexity of life as the daughter of marionette makers and performers but there are also poems about the seaside, artists, allotments and the eccentricities of life.’1-P1000670

John McCullough –   ‘Ann Perrin writes quite brilliant poems that fizz with originality, satisfying the reader’s heart as well as their head. Her work is frequently surreal yet, crucially, never strays far from poignancy.’   Ann Perrin slide (259)

Tim Dooley – ‘Ann Perrin is an original. Her memories of a world that is almost completely lost are coloured with wit and a vivid eye for detail. These are poems that resonate long after one has finished reading them.’

DSCF1540I admit a to poem about our marionettes in the film ‘Oh What a Lovely War’ and another about the joys of auditions in Variety with a violinist, an ostrich and Can Can girls crept in too!

There is a section on poems about Postman’s Park in the City of London, home of the Watts memorials, the poems were written during a  residency 1-P1040360arranged by the Poetry School and the London Parks and Gardens Trust. ‘Mixed Borders’.

1-P1030524  02-P1030337  5-IMAG0066  6-P1040245

It has taken me four years to write my second collection and with some help from aa mentor is feels like a bit of an achievement.

I tried a  conventional publishers, but after seven months he was no nearer making a decision.A second then showed interest but advised that their list were full until the end of 2017 even if I had been accepted. So at a certain age and stage in life I decided to self publish.Available on Amazon, Lulu,  City Books in Hove and The Open Arts Cafe in Rottingdean.


Success for my Grandsons!

1-P1040496Joshua, I am proud to say has graduated from Brighton University. Later in the week I waved goodbye to my middle Grandson off to teach English in Japan during his Uni. vacation! How lucky is that!



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2 Responses to ‘The Puppeteer’s Daughter’

  1. Well done! I’ll add it to my collection!


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