Down to earth on the allotment.

Onions, strawberries, raspberries, cherries and borage. To me the whole thing is like a painting, so many greens, a few yellows, pinks and a whole range of reds. The cherries are for cooking but can disappear overnight if a hungry flock of birds are passing by.

1-P1040534 15-P1040397 03-P1040525 07-P1040423

Found a recipe for roast raspberry jam in a book at the charity shop. It said just place an equal amount of raspberries and sugar in a pan, heat, stir and simmer for twenty minutes. I rinsed the raspberries, which provided just a bit of water and hey presto a pot of jam!

1-P1040536 02-P1040537 1-P1030859

I put some of the blue flowers in ice cubes but still not sure if borage is the right herb for this.   The rosemary is wonderful, it is the herb of friendship and should be included in a posy for a loved one.

Our oldest friend, who was French, died last week.  He was the eldest of an extended family we have known since the 60’s.  How I wish I could have sent a posy out to St Sulpice but such things are not possible, so we were just thankful we had so often enjoyed his company and that he had died quietly in his sleep.

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