Bert Jansch celebrated with music, magic and poems at the Bell Ticehurst

Rosemary Lane Day 20161-P1040101The second Rosemary Lane Festival Day was held in the picturesque village of Ticehurst on Sunday where  Bert once lived while recording Rosemary Lane in 1970/71.

Bert had  been a regular at the Bell who organised the whole event in support  of  The Bert Jansch Foundation. I am a Londoner and have only lived on the South Coast for seven years but have friends who remember Bert and loved his music!

There were talented musicians playing on stage, super food, candyfloss, a magician, guitar lessons, a playalong and a poetry workshop.

18-P1040755   11-P1040770   1-P1040772   09-P1040774

08-P1040775    1-P1040756
12-P1040769  1-P1040766  1-P1040779-002

A 1-P1020801-001great time was had by all, including Eccles, the White 1-P1040073Rabbit and Robin in the Snug who were helping me, puppeteer and poet, to run a nonsense rhyme workshop.

We all tried to write silly verse in the style of Spike Milligan who had also once lived in Ticehurst.


05-P1040781     20-P1040753     04-P1040782

Well done everyone for having a go including the very giggly ones.


More details about the Bert Jansch foundation





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