Butterflies and bees, flowers and veg. at Bateman’s

25-P1040793 23-P1040795 28-P1040790 03-P1040817 27-P1040791

This was the Mulberry tearoom border on a quick visit to Bateman’s on the way home from Ticehurst yesterday.”If you can get to the Mulberry tearoom in time and see the border you have cracked it!” said the woman in reception and she was right.

1-P1040789      24-P1040794      1-P1040788

The border is in full bloom at the moment and a great example of how to mix flowers and vegetables, which admittedly on a much smaller scale is something I am trying to do myself at home.

04-P1040816 09-P1040809 14-P1040804 10-P1040808

Small groups of sweetcorn, artichokes, runner beans growing up natural willow and giant onions, in between huge clumps of crosima, poppies and many other flowers that I hope to look up in the future.

  12-P1040806   02-P1040819   11-P1040807

Rudyard Kipling’s house at Bateman’s is well worth a visit too, we didn’t do it yesterday but his library and his desk are magical.

1-P1040451Sadly the weather has been so unpredictable and often atrocious unless we are already committed we tend not to plan in advance. But our big piles of  books to read is going down. and today I am in one of my re-arranging a room moods, which could be why my partner is hiding!




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