The dragonfly, sweetcorn and back down to earth…

1-P1050010-001The dragonfly on the curtain the day after arriving back from Swanwick I took as a good omen. 01-P1050016Then the sweetcorn on the allotment looked amazing. I have never grown it before and was told to grow it in a clump rather than a line.

1-P1050027-00102-P1050017We are still amateurs and, as it is the other side of town, can only grow things that can be watered once a week or sometimes just once a fortnight. Nevertheless some fat onions and pot after pot of strawberries.

10-P1050028    1-P1050022    08-P1050024

Keep thinking I won’t be able to keep it up forever it is knackering weeding etc. But we were determined to get an allotment when we moved down here seven years ago and were on the waiting list for three!   I’m just constantly excited to find crops I just pushed in here and there have actually grown and we have things to eat!  It’s a bonus of having an allotment that the people around us are genuinely friendly.

But I’ve got a bit carried away and now the garden has buck16-P1050077ets of courgettes (that do need water) tucked in between flowers and raspberries which I can pick often, tomatoes both in and outside the greenhouse. Artichokes and rhubarb are always in between the flowers and grown directly in the ground adding grace and texture.

1-P1050009The stripey one I got at Lambeth Palace garden on the way to the Poetry School has borne fruit and I am ridiculously excited about it. I have even written a new poem about that particular will appear somewhere eventually.


But all in all ‘a garden is a lovesome thing’and we created ours from scratch so can litter it with treasures from gardens of the past, like the old coal scuttle from my 20-P1050073grandparents’ house struggling with the lavender.


Quote is from My Garden Poem by Thomas Edward Brown

An award winning blog  for a ‘blog that brightens our day’

Added note

Suzy just read this post on facebook and tells me she  found  this poem about this garden. I had already forgotten.  Thank you Suzy 











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2 Responses to The dragonfly, sweetcorn and back down to earth…

  1. maggietaraz says:

    Amazing dragonfly pics!

  2. ann perrin says:

    Loved it, I’ve still got one that my mother found, sadly dead but complete, she kept it in a circular see through plastic container., it travelled here from London, it’s on my mantelpiece…..who I wonder will inherit the dragonfly? x

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