Peddling Poetry

I was running this rabbit along beaches 60 years ago to publicise our shows! Today I had persuaded him to come out of retirement and help me peddle my new poetry book, which was fine until he collapsed with exhaustion!

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We had a few copies of ‘Don’t Throw Away the Daisies’ with illustrations it’s been out for five years but people still buy it from time to time.  We had leaflets with seaside and humourous poems. We had the new collection ‘The Puppeteer’s Daughter’ with poems about the puppeteer’s daughter, but also poems about artists, the seaside, eccentrics and some from my residency in Postman’s Park in London. Finally  we had some freebie poems for children ‘I wish’ and ‘The Old Dry Stone Wall’

From ‘The Puppeteer’s Daughter’

In the kitchen

Let’s draw daffodils
and talk about compassion,
capture papery parcels
that hold the tightly packed
buds still green in their pods.

Let our pencils trace
the shapes of ambitious petals
intent on jumping the gun,
reaching out to the world
before their traditional season.

Let’s fill in the details
on their frilly faces
add a few shadows,
for they had no say in the matter
like us simply here in this kitchen
at this particular time.

The collection on sale at City Books in Hove
The Open Art Cafe in Rottingdean and with Lulu and Amazon.
More poems on

Please note – the rabbit and I have a peddlar’s licence!

National Poetry tomorrow!

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