Martlets and every dog has its day!

1-p1050755         1-p1050750

These Snowdogs are set up all around Brighton in aid of Martlets Hospice.

1-p1050890-001 1-p1050752 1-p1050889

I’ve only seen four up close but I’ve passed two or three the bus and they are all truly inspiring works of art.

So far I love the willow pattern Snowdog on the Marina the best1-p1050754!

You can go on line and give £3.00 or you can pop into one of their shops and donate. If however you have mega bucks and the space,  you can take part in an auction for one of them on 6th December… I wish!

Lets face it Martlets do a brilliant job and deserve all the help they can get…I’ll look out for some more Snowdogs…especially now that I have a trail map that collected from the the station earlier today…

1-p1050901    1-p1050893-001   1-p1050898

and you can join a special walk with your pooch if you have one in October…

1-p1050895  1-p1050891-001  1-p1050894

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