The Lavender Line where the trains still run on time!

A day out on one of the last sunny days in autumn when the leaves were still on the trees.

p1060315   p1060319   p1060320   p1060321   p1060323   p1060326 

The Lavender Line with some lovely relics of the golden age of steam.

p1050736 p1050772  p1050692 p1050693 p1050726   

A small but beautiful steam railway line run by volunteers.

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A warm welcome  at the station cafe with it’s original features (only open currently on Santa Special days)

p1060357-001          p1050613         p1060358-001

Full details of the Santa Special and ‘Footplate Days’ on line.

p1050728            p1050700            p1050710             p1050699

There is also a miniature railway from which all profits go to the Evelina Hospital.   Not seen it yet so no pictures.

p1060338         p1060344-001       p1060334

In Isfield Village, a farm shop and  butcher with locally sourced produce,  a friendly pub called ‘The Laughing Fish’ with great food and then the drive home.

An award winning blog  for a ‘blog that brightens our day’

A second post and film to come eventually.

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1 Response to The Lavender Line where the trains still run on time!

  1. Peter Kenny says:

    I ended up in the Laughing Fish after a long country walk one day. A nice pub, but I absolutely love its name.

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