How time flies when you are…

dscf9814     1-p1050798      1-P1050246

earning a living, mothering, caring, studying, making films, teaching,
painting, gardening, laughing, blogging, shopping, changing the duvet.

  1-P1050010     1-P1030745     1-p1050794-001

de-cluttering,  doing aqua aerobics, watching sunsets, chatting, laughing,
visiting exhibitions, making a mess of things, apologising, eating toast.

The Worm
On the path
I just try to avoid
stepping on a worm
I place him
on rain-sodden earth
After all, anyone
can take
the wrong


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3 Responses to How time flies when you are…

  1. Peter Kenny says:

    Love it. And we’re all all worms at one time or another 🙂 Have a happy and productive new year Ann!


    • ann perrin says:

      I WILL… currently sorting out my editing system to put some of my poems to film ‘already in the can’ as they say in the trade, on youtube!
      Although currently peering through a haze of lemsip, menthol crystals etc.. you get the picture.. but as you know ‘the show must go on! xxx


  2. Daphne Hall says:

    You made my day today Ann – loved the worm poem. It was great to have something to laugh at – the pictures were great too. Love Daphne. Hope to see you on Friday


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