No resolutions – just moving on.

p1060713-002 p1060716 p1060717

– I have just done my annual brainstorm of minor and even major achievements or special events in 2016 in my new Mslexia diary.  I do this most years with a lovely sheet of gold stars from the stationers on hand placing a gold star by each one!

The idea is not to think about it too much and write, quite quickly and in any old order, anything that comes to mind. Enjoying my eldest grandson’s graduation, meeting someone new, being invited to go to Tenerife, life changing courses, reading poems at Troubadour, publishing my book against seemingly impossible odds!

An added bonus is that as soon as you’ve done it several other things will occur to you. For instance, I completely forgot all the photos I take and often share on this blog.

.p1060700    p1060277     p1060643

Later when  I  made myself a cup of tea I thought how  thankful I am that my immediate family are healthy and busy  ‘touch wood‘ as  my old granny used to say, and my partner is happily engaged with his music.

I also  personalised my diary, replacing the pic on the cover. I found a sketch of a tree in the  garden of Dulwich Art Gallery that I did years ago. I just love trees and flowers!

a fading rose 28-P1040545 25-P1040555 26-P1040550

The moving on bit comes gradually.   Currently I am celebrating the fact that I am still here, continuing to blog, to be a resourceful new age granny. Grateful that, despite several wonderful friends passing away in last few years,  I still have a handful of new friends and interesting acquaintances, some of whom I meet bobbing up and down in aqua aerobics at the gym!

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