A Sad Goodbye to Farthings

p1070008        British farthing 1951 reverse.png      p1070023

–  after twenty years. Not that anyone has ever been able to buy something for the old currency of a farthing but what a lovely place this has been.

p1070017     p1070019     p1070018


An interesting place in Rottingdean to mooch about particularly at the weekend, sifting through the endless array of goods. The attraction has been the fact that each unit is rented by an individual and the range of goods was a mixture of modest antiques, collectibles, books and memorabilia.    One never knew what one might discover next!


No doubt Margaret, Susan. Pat, Debbie and Sue will find plenty of other things to do with their time, but it was obvious they all loved working in Farthings.

There was always a warm welcome and customers might find themselves talking to a stranger about an item of mutual interest, a friendly dog might even get a drink or a biscuit!.

It is sad to see what has developed into a bit of an institution disappear, so thank you Farthings for all your efforts to keep going and all the people who kept it so well supplied.

Yes, there isp1070005 a smaller secondhand outlet nearby,  Martlets, shops,  p1060851wonderful cafes etc. but its goodbye to Farthings finally this Saturday!


Post Script Many many months later a shop round the corner took over and  hey presto…it re-opened with the owners running the show! Well done them!

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1 Response to A Sad Goodbye to Farthings

  1. Helen Goodman says:

    Love those old places with so much history. Nothing better than just to mooch around hunting for nothing in particular and perhaps finding a treasure.

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