A pas de deux for a poet in residence?

Open Garden Squares Weekend P1070253    London Parks & Gardens Trust

I am so lucky I have been given Earls Court Square as poet in residence for the Open Gardens Square Weekend on the 17-18 June 2017 in London, thanks to the Poetry School. Now I have to try and live up to their confidence and during that weekend write some new poems. Last year I was given Postman’s Park in the City and what a joy that was.

P1070208This will be a completely different experience in this truly beautiful private square garden. The general public can visit by purchasing a ticket for this amazing weekend when all kinds of parks. gardens and unique growing spaces that are not usually open to the public will throw open their gates!  Several parks and gardens will have entertainments, music, teas and in quite a few poets in residence.

P1070223It was to have been a peep through the railings but last weekend a charming resident who saw us peering gave us a guided tour.  What a  true delight it all was but I won’t blog too much as I need to reserve my creative energy for dreaming up some new poems!

But among other things about the history of this square, I have discovered that Fredrick Aston, the ballerina and choreographer, had once lived at no 23!  Oh how I loved his performance as one of the ugly sisters in Cinderella in the 70s.

I decided to enter the spirit of things and have a few ballet lessons myself. I still had the ballet shoes from performing  ‘No one Loves a fairy when she’s 40’ at a charitable event. AdmittedlP1070114y that was some years ago and I was over 60, but it P1010910seems important not to leave a stone unturned in a new poetry adventure.

Soon we will discover who is behind the plants and planting in this beautiful place which is more of the joy of being a poet in residence.



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1 Response to A pas de deux for a poet in residence?

  1. maggietaraz says:

    What a wonderful new adventure into a wondrous space! Good luck and look forward to hearing more! Used to live just up the road – in not so posh land of the 1960’s!

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