Constable in Brighton – brilliant!

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A stunning collection of Constable’s paintings during his time in Brighton. Some of the smaller paintings look as though they have just been torn from his sketch book. The exhibition is at Brighton’s Museum and Art Gallery until 8th October.

60 paintings are on display as well as the artist’s painting box and his children’s tiny toy stagecoach.

The information about his time in Brighton, his lodgings and details about his devotion to his wife and children, make a very touching story.

  • Tracing Constable’s Brighton home.

    Writer and Regency Society member Shan Lancaster worked with current resident, artist Peter Harrap, to disentangle the clues, earning 11 Sillwood Road a blue plaque that was unveiled in July 2013.

    He was invited to Paris but instead, in 1824, the 48-year-old John Constable chose to stay with his young family in Brighton, where he worked energetically and stayed in a cottage on the half-built outskirts of the resort.

    From letters written to his friend Archdeacon Fisher, scholars knew that his address was 9 Mrs Sober’s Gardens, where a “painting room” was readied for canvases brought down from London – but they could not pinpoint the location in the modern city. And it was not his only visit.

Source of above information  and a lot more …

Entrance for Brighton residents is £3.5O  children free. There is also is a list of talks available when entrance into the exhibition is free.

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