Poetry and Paper mâché – Brighton’s 2017 Children’s Parade…

P1070634 P1070603-001 P1070601

opens the Festival with New Orleans style music, colourful costumes, paper parasols,

P1070578           P1070620           P1070572         P1070589

wasps and wings, a unicorn, blackbirds, an owl and a pussycat and naturally cows that go bong!

P1070576       P1070603-001       P1070612

P1070560   P1070532   P1070636

Seventy schools have taken part each with a children’s poem as the theme …

P1070575 P1070565 P1070525

P1070526        P1070522

Poems by Spike Milligan, Edward Lear, Caroline Duffy and many others are represented here today!

P1070542    P1070543    P1070537

P1070507  P1070634  P1070587

P1070562 P1070629 P1070615


P1070592   P1070502  P1070561

P1070558  P1070646  P1070557

P1070506  P1070641  P1070571

endless work for those teachers, parents, carers and well as the children. Thousands attend and enjoy the event including me!

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