My garden one of my favourite things…

P1070706Even if the Wisteria that we planted when we moved here has taken 10 years to bloom and is not really in an ideal place!

P1070730 P1070708 P1070699

I didn’t plan the garden exactly it has evolved,  but we did bring quite a few shrubs in pots from our gardens in London when we moved down here.

I tend to plant a few seeds in Spring and I buy established tomatoes and courgettes to plant in black P1070702buckets. I divide the contents of a ‘groP1070712w bag’ into each bucket,  add a plant to each one, put them in the greenhouse and keep them well watered.

I can’t resist anything that gets reduced in the garden center so this year we have potatoes in special bags and trailing begonias in pots.

When something pops up unexpectedly I tend to leave it be, hence buttercups, forget-me-nots and marigolds in unexpected places!

I think I find it easier to commune with nature than I do with people.

P1070675 P1070698 P1070732 P1070709

The frogs and newts have started to show themselves in the pond which is how I like it!


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1 Response to My garden one of my favourite things…

  1. salliedurham says:

    Beautiful garden Ann, a haven. x


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