Royal Academy Summer Exhibition


Love it or loathe it, it’s still a highlight in the calendar of artists and art lovers.   We have always loved it.   I used to go with my mother to the private view for years and years before she died. Even when funds got a bit low she was still desperate to go and so we did!

Now it has become a wider family tradition! We buy the guide book choose a favourite in each room and have to guess the price!

This page is just a taster!

P1080006      P1080009       P1080012

The people looking at the exhibits can in some cases be as visually interesting as some  of the works of art?

P1080018        P1080041       P1080043       P1080021

Paintings, prints, collages, sculptures, architecture and an award-winning film about immigration.

P1080038 P1080020 P1080027 P1080072

P1080080          P1080081        P1080075      P1080060

We follow our visit with a picnic on the grass in Green Park, weather permitting…on Saturday the sun was shining!

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