Excited to be poet in residence in Earls Court Square next weekend!

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I’ll love watching the changing images in the water feature globe!  Just about ready with a selection of garden poems by well known poets to put around the Square. I’ll be taking my muse, my white rabbit marionette. He was in Postman’s Park last year sitting in a tree but this year he has his own deckchair!



All the poets for the Open Garden Squares weekend are sponsored by The Poetry school and naturally the main purpose is to be inspired to write some new poems.  So far I have written three and others are work in progress!

Do come and enjoy this wonderful space, read the poems and write a garden poem of your own!   We are promised music, tea and cakes etc.


I have had plenty of fun visiting the Square although twice coming up from Brighton I have been greeted by torrential rain!


I talked to Katrina, the chair of the Square committee, the gardener and some of the residents.   One person who is in her 80s invited me for tea.   She has lived in the Square all her life and knows all about its history,

It was very run down, particularly after the war, and local residents saved, had it re-designed and now maintain it, Famous artists, musicians, writers and ballerinas all once lived here and some still do.

I have heard from an unexpected source about some of the shenanigans that went on in the Poetry Society many moons ago but on this my lips may have be be sealed!


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2 Responses to Excited to be poet in residence in Earls Court Square next weekend!

  1. Daphne Hall says:

    Have so enjoyed your blogs Ann. They have brightened up my day. Love Daphne

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