Hove to Brighton Pier – and maybe the last of the summer?

Constantly changing cloud formations, a clear view of the skeleton of the West Pier, a celebration of engineering and ingenuity,  the madness of the ‘borrow a bike promotion’.

P1080631  P1080619 P1080622  P1080621

P1080623  P1080627

P1080635P1080626   P1080637 P1080639

P1080640 P1080645 P1080643 P1080647

Am a year older this week! The years seem to be moving on much too quickly. Why haven’t I been to all those places I once had in minds eye, written my best poem ever, had my novel published?  (Well best to finish it first!)

Now I find myself rushing about like a lunatic trying to do everything possible in  case I pop my clogs tomorrow!  No reason to think I might but have to face it, no one lasts forever!

P1080656  P1080660 P1080655

Was especially lucky today found a stunning  patio apple tree at the garden centre, it will have bright red apples next year and was reduced from £40 to £15.

How could I leave it behind?

Getting it in the car was a bit of challenge I sat in the back seat with branches sticking out at all angles. But We got it home, Seems like a good omen!


 P1040921  An award winning blog  for a ‘blog that brightens our day’ 
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2 Responses to Hove to Brighton Pier – and maybe the last of the summer?

  1. Freddy says:

    Happy Birthday flowers Ann? Do enjoy your Words!! X


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