Venice – 40 years on.

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Same guy, same place, just 40 years later!  

Time to step once again into a city which is like a stage set, full of history, drama, colour and light.

Last time, 40 years ago I only lasted a day! My first holiday as a single parent and without the children, romance was in the air! But three discs in my back suddenly collapsed, (probably due to years of operating heavy marionettes) and I was flown home in a wheelchair!

P1080748This time we took that long awaited trip in a gondola, with a gondalier who really could sing!

P1080865Venice as we all know is sinking, but the seagulls paddling in St Marks Square came as a bit of a shock.

But there were a few sunny afternoons and we spent one of them in the square sipping glasses of Prosecco, listening to a four piece orchestra.


A pre-booked tour ensured no queuing and soon we were inside the Doge’s Palace, the  guide full of information about Venice, its history, art and culture.

In the Basilica we learned that the original  statue of four life size horses which is now inside, was looted from Byzantium (now Constantinople).    A copy now adorns the outside of the Basilica.

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My father once told me that he was one of the allied soldiers who had been part of thP1080956e liberation oP1080955f Italy. He was one of those who were invited to the celebrations at the most expensive hotel in Venice – the Danieli.

I just had to pop in and see it for myself! Apparently dad had his own band during his time in the services, later playing regularly on Radio Milan. No wonder he was reluctant to come home!

Such a lot to see, but unexpectedly we were offered a tourist promotion of a free ride to a glass factory in a water taxi with a couple of very pleasant Americans. Sometimes one just strikes lucky!

P1080881         P1090004         P1090014

September is a bit ate in the season, but I suddenly took it into my head to take a trip to the Lido,  P1080939 it looked a bit bleak, but I love beaches and found a few unusual shells.

P1080914We took a wonderful trip through the lesser known canals, and on another day managed to find the Jewish Quarter.

We crossed the Rialto Bridge to see the fish market and found  some of the authentic makers of musical instruments and Venetian carnival masks.

My partner loves early music, so luckily on the last day we managed a trip to the Basilica of Santa Marie Gloriosa dei Frari where Monteverdi was buried.

Of course no one contemplates visiting Venice without seeing the famous Bridge of Sighs. This is a photo through the brickwork, of the last view of Venice prisoners would get, walking from the Doge’s Palace to the prison! Hence the sighs!


It is quite difficult to see the bridge, due to a constant stream of tourists taking selfies on their mobiles attached to long sticks! But then you can’t have everything!

P1080787         P1080759        P1080745

So  same guy, same place, just 40 years later! Dreaming of going again in the Spring!

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4 Responses to Venice – 40 years on.

  1. Susan Mendes says:

    Took me right back to my visit there a few years ago…lovely blog of Venice, really enjoyed it…

  2. alexjosephy says:

    Lovely, evocative post, Ann. A love letter to the place and to your travelling companion! Made me want to pack a bag and set off for Venice subito!

  3. Martha Nolte says:

    Hi Ann,

    Enjoyed reading your review on Venice and love the pictures! Alan and I are the lucky Americans that got to share the morning with you two at Murano glass factory.

    Best regards,

    Martha Nolte

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