Notes from my journal…

Met a man on the 507 at Victoria the other week. He said  “I know you from somewhere”  ‘Yes” I said “but I can’t remember where” Turned out we were heading for the same place and we had met up at poetry events once or twice. We both  got off at Lambeth Palace and sat by the Thames talking about life, poetry and art.

P1090649The next week same place same time we walked down to a newly furbished cafe along the way.  He came from the world of theatre design so we got on fine! He said that this cafe was used for the film ‘Passport to Pimlico’ an Ealing Comedy! How wonderful was that?  I remembered that I once met Margaret Rutherford in the Flask Pub in Highgate.

Last week on the C10 a woman told me that taking pictures of your food in restaurants was called food porn in Sweden so the man in the newly upmarket Garden Museum cafe snapping his fish soup should presumably be ashamed of himself?

P1090268   P1090272   P1090270

I popped in the way home on Thursday and bought a coffee and a teeny weeny cake.  Lunch for poets of modest means is not really an option. But there are lovely views from the windows!

Talked to a woman in a cafe in Brighton who collected driftwood from the beach to make collages purely for her own amusement. Good on her!  She told me the thought of doing it for a living was far too stressful and would take all the fun out of it!

I love beachcombing  and sometimes sketch my finds!

P1080505-001  P1080521  P1080512

My eldest grandson came over from Eastbourne to take me out to a Japanese lunch in Brighton. No I did not take a picy! But Joshie fixed my phone and we talked about fishing and pharmacists because he is one!

Currently trying to write a prose poetry/novel on my phone in bed late at night,  but now my battery is low so I won’t get much out of 12%….


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  1. Diane Hughes says:

    Thank you.

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