Birmingham University and the Bullring in November

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Youngest grandson 21 and in his second year! Lucky boy!

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And the old made way for the new at the Bullring.,,

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3 Responses to Birmingham University and the Bullring in November

  1. Helen Goodman says:

    What is the Bullring?? Can’t imagine that it means the same as in Spain. I am puzzled.

    Cheers Helen. (Please note the new email address)


    • ann perrin says:

      Hi Helen. just checked this out.
      Andy Foster wrote:
      “The Wholesale Markets occupy the site of the old Manor House of Birmingham, demolished in 1822, and its moat, hence Moat Row. This is the very oldest part of the city.”
      Later the area was known as the Bull Ring, because the ‘sport’ of bull-baiting took place on the site The market‘s location, where trackways in the area converged and there was a crossing point on the River Rea, made Birmingham a centre of trade and attracted skilled craftsmen. A major cloth trade was established and over time other markets developed nearby including food, cattle and corn markets.


  2. Freddy says:

    As a Brummie, good to know how Bull Ring came about.. Thanks x


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