Cheering myself along on a dull Sunday – 1

Singing in the bath is wonderful, dancing in the bedroom naked while dreaming up new poem ditto.
I think it was Matthew Dickman who recommended the latter on a course in the summer.


But recently joined the Be Bop Choir,  no pressure, no competition, just go along and learn how to sing in four part harmony.
Rachel Myer is a great singer in her own right and has created lovely four part harmonies for us to perform.
She also fixes gigs. This is the choir at the Brighthelm Centre yesterday.
S1550002 S1550003
Luckily I can still sing…well a bit!
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2 Responses to Cheering myself along on a dull Sunday – 1

  1. Alex Josephy says:

    That looks such fun, makes me wish I still lived in Brighton (was born there, went to uni there, have always loved its raffish spirit and pebbly beaches!)


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