Cheering myself along on a dull Sunday – 2

Finished a short course with Debbie Mallard last week.

P1090988 P1090863 P1090993 P1090944 P1090947

 Here is some of the students work in progress.
 I loved the ease of it all and the interesting friendly fellow students.
I can understand families gathering together in long gone days to make their rugs. Apparently it was the norm to have a new rug made for Christmas Day.

Rag rugs or rag mats are hard wearing rugs made out of rags cut into strips and pushed or pulled through a hessian backing.
There are two kinds of mat, known in the North East as hooky and proggy mats.
Hooky mats are made with the right side of the mat facing, pulling through long strips of material with a hook.

Proggy mats are made with the wrong side of the mat facing and short bits of fabric are prodded through, leaving a thick rug.
These rag mats were a common sight in working-class homes in the North East of England until the mid-20th Century.  (source – Rag rug history)

Made from old sacks and recycled fabric they were an economical option to keep feet warm and toasty in an era before fitted carpets were the norm.

Debbie is an authority on it all including gypsy curtains and wonderful co-ordinated pieces for special occasions.

I once made a rug out of old clothes on what is called a back strap loom, just a couple of sticks really but very portable.
I turned  my completed rug over and put shiny threads and simple ornamentation on it making it into a magic carpet of course.
I used it for story telling when I was a primary school teacher which was many moons ago.
Everyone should have a magic carpet, they are wonderful for dull days,
it now lies on the upstairs landing and still has the capacity to make me smile.
An award winning blog  for a ‘blog that brightens our day’
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