A worn out fairy – Christmas poem.

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Her pencilled smile is fading and one wing’s beyond repair,
her wand’s fallen by the wayside, but she’ll do another year.

Although her hands are grubby and frock has lost its shine,
her hair is brown and racy,  in better shape than mine!

But the sequined boot from Paris insists on pride of place,
challenging the Santa doll despite his smiley face.

Pull the tassel on the saggy sock and the mouse will disappear,
a party trick he’s famous for, he does it every year.

The wooden train from Calais, or was it from Boulogne,
reminds me of my mother and our endless trips again

She really loved the ballet, her Nutcracker toy is fine,
but the fairy with one gauzy wing wins my vote every time

The orange crab (RNLI) is really out of place,
still he saves the lives of men at sea and so deserves his space

The Housing Project tinsel is glittery and neat,
their multi-coloured baubles are sparkly and cheap.

Sadly our poor fairy can’t compete with life on line,
however she reminds us of a simpler Christmas time.

Cobbled together in haste by you know who?



The tree, branches cut from an evergreen bush and popped in a fabulous pot bought back from Les Baux-de-Provence in the 60s. Happy days!

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5 Responses to A worn out fairy – Christmas poem.

  1. Pamela Boon says:

    Lovely. Poor faded fairy with only one wing. Mine is sitting in a pot on the window ledge because he legs have been cut off.

  2. TheBigForest says:

    Love this. A tree should be hung with memories, not some neat designer colour coordinated job without any soul!

  3. Helen Goodman says:

    Christmas Day is all but over. It is now 5.45pm and I feel very weary. Loved your fairy poem. The poor old fairy reminds me of myself. Buts that are falling off and bits that don’t work but still able to the things that need to be done. Weather delightful, not too hot, only about 24deg. Which is fabulous. Enjoy your day when you wake up. HG

  4. Freddy says:

    Cobbled together? – but have to agree with Helen G, about being reminded of how I feel sometimes. BUT, do keep on going on as you do Ann, but without your brilliance. Do keep writing!

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