Spring at last – pictures and poems

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Not actually sure now when a tortoise wakes up! This poem was about my neighbour’s tortoise a few years ago,

The Tortoise

when the tortoise crawls out of hibernation
from the box of straw, do the rings of his ancient shell
shield him from regret
does his wrinkly head recall the sound of her voice
the haunting echo of her wild, warm laugh
as he takes his first bite into a lettuce leaf
are tortoises bereft of feeling
is that the secret of their long life?





In the kitchen

Let’s draw daffodils
and talk about compassion,
capture papery parcels
that hold the tightly packed
buds still green in their pods.

Let our pencils trace
the shapes of ambitious petals
intent on jumping the gun,
reaching out to the world
before their traditional season.

Let’s fill in the details
on their frilly faces
add a few shadows,
for they had no say in the matter
like us simply here in this kitchen
at this particular time. 

The worm

On the path
I just avoid
stepping on a
brown worm.
I place him
on rain-sodden earth.
After all, anyone
can take
the wrong

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Poems from ‘The Puppeteer’s Daughter’ – New collection underway.

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2 Responses to Spring at last – pictures and poems

  1. Hello Ann – found your lovely blog via the Niall Williams website. Like you I attended one of workshop at Kiltumper – about this time last year. A fantastic experience. There was a lady called Maggie from Brighton there too. Possibly your friend on a second trip? I enjoyed your spring poems here. Wishing you all the best with your writing projects. I have big plans for a memoir/ fictionalised account of growing up in Northern Ireland during 1970s but procrastinate rather than get on with writing. Doris

    • ann perrin says:

      Hi Doris, Lovely to hear from you. Yes Maggie has become a dear friend. She has been more than once.
      Please don’t procrastinate. I write something everyday even if it is a fragment in my own notebook. How lovel of Niall to put my comments on the blog!. Best wishes Ann x

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