In and out of April

In and out of April
manic moods
losing weight
seed potatoes
sun cheating
clouds racing
resolutions falling
into the waste basket
the dark green bird box
made by a nuclear
engineer in Birmingham
only ever had two
birds nesting
best get out
do something
for goodness sake
give more attention
to verbs and line

The sun lightens up P1100518-001our lives as does the pavement poet
P1100543          Daniel Rowland chalking up his latest work.


Brighton as mad as ever – people sail by on their pedal power celebration.



Benny, at the new Ivy Restaurant, sees me looking at the menu,  stops to chat about their one thousand, five hundred enquiries in one day,  cycle lanes, P1100538-001signature dishes and the possibility of having to employ a traffic co-ordinator if they want a few yards of parking!

Well some dishes are a bit pricey, but plenty are fine. Opens 2nd May and would love to take a peek inside, so that’s one thousand five hundred  and one enquiries.

The next day success for Allie Rogers, she has a full house for the launch of the her new book ‘Tale of the Tooth.’   Well done her!





Roy Hutchins was at the Hatchery in Hove on Saturday. Roy always ready to share his writing techniques but today he and musician/fellow conspirator  – Mike ‘Dr Blue’ Mckeon, shared a few pieces from Roy’s forthcoming festival event.  Innovative and touching, should go down well. P1100534   Bear North will premier at Brighton Fringe – May 4, 5, 9,11,16 and 19

Japan eat your heart out…


not so quite so much blossom but a brilliant display in Eastbourne on Sunday.


popped over for a japanese meal with eldest grandson, later we eat non fattening cakes on a patch of grass in the garden behind his flat.

 The weather changed completely on the way home but that’s April for you


and the potatoes were still busy chittering

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2 Responses to In and out of April

  1. Al Roxburgh says:

    I love your poem “In and Out of April”. Greetings from the Pacific NW, where spring is blooming too. 😉 Al

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