Jumping about in June – the RA – Tenerife


P1110047The garden exploded into action when I was away for a few days, typical! Now it’s still roses, roses everywhere and with loads of deadheading to be done. P1110046

I’ve sorted out the greenhouse yet again with raised beds and planted the tomatoes, all of which took forever.

My garden could be described as unruly, even a clump of  daisies the gardener gave me at the Ted Hughes Arvon Centre P1110043three years ago have established themselves in a crack in the step from the house. We have to walk round them as best we can.

P1110062So moving swiftly on…

Last week we visited the the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition on friends day.   This is a family tradition. I took my mother there for over 20 years.

This year it is described as the most colourful exhibition to date and  Grayson PerryP1110116 and his committee of fellow artists handpicked over 1,300 artworks in an array of mediums.

P1110087.JPG     P1110107     P1110106.JPG

The choice included art by people such as David Hockney and Joana Vasconcelos, Tracey Emin etc. but there was a tiny space for a painting by my daughter-in-law’s sister Maura which was a first for her!

P1110103-001 P1110105 P1110072 P1110071

P1110079  Maura with her owl.

P1110096   P1110099  P1110095 This is a wonderful entry with handmade books, pictures and conversations about the art of bell ringing! (Sorry need to check her name!)



All loads of fun – do go along if you can.


Other distractions in London that day.

P1110127 P1110131 P1110124

An unexpected holiday two weeks ago with eldest son and daughter-in-law who took us off to Tenerife.  All very relaxing.

Highlights including an intriguing shepherd’s cottage on the road to Mount Teide. A road builder had taken up residence when the road up into the mountains had been completed and lived there with his family. Much later he was on his own and reliant on goats, honey etc.  I love innovation and small places like sheds, campervans, homes in caves!P1100897


But also pyramids and the sea and sun, of course.


P1100999 P1100984 P1100993 P1100983

P1100886 P1110025.JPG P1110036 P1100896 P1100919

Other small spaces nearer to home that I love   P1100773 my shed.

The allotment shed P1100727

Nearer to home again

Alan has been busy with his music and playing in Brighton’s Mandolin Orchestra

P1100829-001 P1100830 Here is the concert which included playing with the New American Mandolin Ensemble at St Georges!

Juliet at The Open Art Cafe in Rottingdean has gone overboard with her flower display this year and also has special summer menus.


Good news for ‘The Hole in the Wall’

My illustrated poem for children ‘The Hole in the Wall’ that has been published by  The Dry Stone Walling Association has really taken off. I have just been asked if someone can read and sell them at a Dry Stone Walling event. Answer has to be yes!


New Poems

Have several poems in the pipeline but making an effort to get a few more published. If they go on this blog they are considered published so its a bit of a dilemma!

But this worm has been around for a bit and is more than happy to appear again – such an exhibitionist!

The Worm

On the path
I just avoid
stepping on a
brown worm.
I place him
on rain sodden earth.
After all, anyone
can take
the wrong




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