Writing poetry is scary

P1100046 pier supports and waves P1100052-001

and the wind makes me feel a slightly crazy
full stop
Blogging can be fun
but I like proof readers and editors who put everything right
full stop
I’m a puppeteer’s daughter and my schooling was spasmodic
spell check
but luckily one can always buy in a few full stops
full stop
Today it’s all about getting back on that horse
full stop
Logic was never my best subject
exclamation mark

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2 Responses to Writing poetry is scary

  1. Alex says:

    Ann, this really made me smile
    Full stop
    My dad always said
    That’s it, full stop
    When he wanted to be vehement
    Which was often
    Full stop
    And the older I get
    The more I think that I should like
    To be like him
    Full stop
    Your blog is an inspiration
    And a joy
    Full stop

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