Hey I’m reading at Pighog on Thursday


invited by Michaela Ridgway and on the same bill as Jackie Wills, Colette Sensier  Brendan Cleary no less!

 The Nightingale Room. Grand Central 29-30 Surrey Street. 7.15.

“What an honour”  I said to the rabbit “and you can’t come  because you haven’t been invited!”


Where’s your sense of loyalty” he grumbled.

“Look it’s poetry and you’re just a puppet!” 

“Just a puppet!” said the bunny indignantly turning on his heel.

Here are some of the pictures I’ve taken at Pighog from many happy evenings in earlier times when it took place at Red Roaster

 1-DSC03227-001 DSC04842 DSC06499 DSC04205 DSC04848  DSC06467  DSCF9648  DSC04991 DSC04847  DSC04188DSC06502   DSC04849  DSC04838  DSC06458 DSC06460  1-DSC03253 DSC04618 DSC06451 - Copy DSC04483  1-DSC03220  Our wonderful Pighog compere  DSC04186  1-P1020851  7-DSC03231  1-DSC09504  DSCF9661  03-DSCF1118  1-DSC09099  08-DSCF1124 1-DSC03214  DSC05052   DSC06515  DSC06509  DSC06512

 Hope to see you Thursday!


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1 Response to Hey I’m reading at Pighog on Thursday

  1. Peter Kenny says:

    Excellent! hope to see you there…

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