Going round in circles…and winter poem.


Recently had all the excitement of reading at Pighog P1120466on the same programme  as Jackie Wills, Colette Sensier, Brendan Cleary and Pighog open micers!  The event is arranged and compered as always  by the enthusiastic Michaela Ridgway.  It all went well and thank you to lovely people that came along.

I was definitely going round in circles working out which poems to read, as well as wondering if I could leap up on the stage without falling off!

P1120361Next night went along to New Acts Night at the Komedia and was welcomed by Jill Edwards with a hug.   She insisted I join her graduates from previous years.  A really good evening of brilliant new acts, laughter, warmth and fun.

I did New Acts Night myself ten years ago.  I had moved to Brighton a bit too soon after my mother had died. I was very up and down,  so rather than risking drowning in grief I decided to take drastic action and signed up with Jill.  Not only a fab course but it lead to several gigs in Brighton and three in London,  at one in Hanover we raised over £700 for The Martlets.

Well the lights are up in Brighton the shops are packed. (pics later)

One of my grandsons came to lunch today…chat chat chat…eat eat eat and can you have a quick look at my new editing prog. Josh  (so far the death of me)  No problem granny ann says our pharmacist from Eastbourne Hospital. (so proud of all my  grandchilden) Now however a lot more effort will be required only just started new film and new technology is still not my thing!

Wednesday will be poeting and partying with Grasshopper poets.  Snow Queen later in the month..

Oh! Going up to Troubadour tomorrow with a new snow associated poem in my hot little hand. It’s a snow poetry and party night!

Many of Coffee House Poetry  people been invited to read a poem, a maximum of 20 lines. There will be many well established poets so really interesting.   I just hope I don’t chicken out and read an older poem at the last minute!

So last in the spirit of sharing and caring – here is one I wrote earlier as the saying goes…more to come in next few weeks.

Paper Chain

Snow falls like flakes of memory
tucked under a warm blanket

cheeks pinched with cold
the window a fillagree frost

rough sawn logs stacked in the grate
a comforting casserole in the oven

the smell of honeyed baked apples
stuffed with raisins

“Gales in the Herbides snow expected
to continue in the Highlands’

Mr Crick the newsagent hanging a single
dusty paper-chain in his window

Busy sparrows in a flurry of snow
spinning on the bird feeder

Mrs Kettle in her cottage with her goat
and cat huddle together to keep warm

The letter. ‘We are sorry your great
aunt died two months ago.

We are sure she would
have liked your letter returned herein.’

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