New Year Resolutions…Oh No!

p1120581Made a list of last year’s successes instead:

            • Stayed alive!
            • More or less kept up with promises to family and friends.
            • Managed to keep my blog going after ten years seemed a pity to  abandon it
            • Made a show with my young neighbour…Cinderella – a pantomime in a box! p1120522-002
            • Had fun in my garden and allotment.
            • Read from my book at Troubadour, Pier Poets and was featured along with the great and the good at Pighog.  ‘Miss Lottie’s last chance’ was based on my mother on her allotment.
            • P1120001 P1110792 P1110995 P1110730
            • ‘Lizzie a poem about a gypsy child a fond memory. Poems about the complexities of being a puppeteer’s daughter had been a long haul.P1110912
          • Think I got to grips with Facebook despite the fact that I haven’t got a cat! I’m not too sure about the concept of friends but interesting acquaintances are fun.
          • Put a film up of a marionette singing Happy Birthday to someone special. wp-1546201566855..jpg 
          • You make your own luck my old granny used to say. Oh no not her again.

        But looking around the house at different bits and bobs decided success and what actually makes one happy are often very different things.

        p1120567    p1120589    p1120558    p1120587    p1120580-001    p1120554

  1.  So think it best to take things as they come. (apologies for the layout on this post just could not get it right)

  2. An award-winning blog  for a ‘blog that brightens our day’

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3 Responses to New Year Resolutions…Oh No!

  1. Great blog, Ann. Happy New Year. Any chance you’ll make it to Swanwick this year?

  2. Happy New Year Ann! Many successes to celebrate indeed! Here’s to a healthy and fruitful 2019! x

  3. kay nicole says:

    Have a good 2019

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    De : Ann Perrin Envoyé le :dimanche, 6 janvier 2019 00:52 À : Objet :[New post] New Year Resolutions…Oh No!

    ann perrin posted: “Made a list of last year’s successes instead: Staying alive! More or less keeping up with promises to family and friends. Managing to keep my blog going as it seemed a pity to chicken out after ten years. Making a show with my young neighbou”

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