A garden full of roses. News of a new poetry course and other cheerful chatter.

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A new course at The Poetry school with Tim Dooley and Tamar Yoseloff is an absolute winner! Called The Urban Pastoral it is essentially a reading course but with options to write too  if desired. Tim and Tamar take alternate weeks.  Topics include The Imagined City, The Flaneur/The Flaneuse, The Crowd and two walks.  The first one with Tamar to significant places in Lambeth where the poets lived or worked with readings on the way. The second  walk with Tim around Canada Wharf next week ~ This is just a taste of the journey with Tamar so well researched as well as fun and full of interesting details.

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Kemp Town Carnival last weekend after a significant gap. A giant parade that I’m afraid we  missed! But lots of music, frou frou and frolics, food stalls and fun.

IMG_20190601_120255   IMG_20190601_142212    IMG_20190601_120706

Sheila, one of my daughters in law, hand paints glow bulbs, she has an Etsy Shop but decided to come down to  Kemp Town to try a stall. Robin was on hand to help of course.

IMG_20190601_121307  IMG_20190601_121519  IMG_20190601_121901-001

Rottingdean Bazaar I had some fun of my own when James from Rottingdean Bazaar came down to Open Art Cafe in Rottingdean with a huge bouquet and a copy of their book  ‘Paul Smith by Rottingdean Bazaar’ for each of the poets including me, who had contributed to it.

The project was at very short notice and I admit I worked my socks off for three days to ensure everyone had something to offer.  I have been running the group for eight years and it is strictly for beginners and aspiring poets, but what a result! A lovely hardback book with one section devoted to art work that enhanced our poetry.

IMG_20190605_110859_BURST2  IMG_20190605_111813 (1)  IMG_20190605_110957







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  1. alexjosephy says:

    Ann, your posts always bring cheerfulness! Thanks for this one. You look lovely in the photos by the way. Alex x

    Alex Josephy alexjosephy@btinternet.com


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