Up to the Summer Exhibition at the RA

with my eldest son Robin a week or so ago. The exhibition is so well co-ordinated and every room beautifully hung.  One of the themes is migration and includes birds and animals, followed by  wonderful works including paintings, prints, words and installations.

IMG_20190609_205336 IMG_20190609_205931 IMG_20190607_102125-001  IMG_20190611_143923   IMG_20190609_210011   IMG_20190607_110906 IMG_20190611_144157   IMG_20190611_144002  IMG_20190607_111006

IMG_20190609_205729 IMG_20190607_101420  IMG_20190607_101403         IMG_20190607_101122 (1)

IMG_20190607_095940 (1)          IMG_20190607_112809-002            IMG_20190609_205438 (1)

This is just a taste of what the exhibition has in store, but also goes a long way to remind us all why art is important. It may even persuade some of us to go home and get our own brushes out…

My partner and daughter in law Sheila, usually come too, but they couldn’t make it, but Robin and I had a great time and still  managed to play our traditional family game  ‘Guess the price’ We choose our favourite work in each room, guess the price and then check the catalogue. As usual we were both miles off target!

My mother and I used to have a tradition too. We would go over to Fortum’s after the exhibition to see who could find the best thing to buy for under £2.50? Once a packet of tea and another time four chocolates!

Robin and I just popped over to Paul’s opposite for filled baguettes and continental pastries!


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1 Response to Up to the Summer Exhibition at the RA

  1. Kate Harmond says:

    Beautiful, Ann, thanks for sharing x

    Kate Harmond Allan

    07889 988384


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