The Traditional Village Fair in Rottingdean

Luckily a sunny day and an event intent on lifting spirits and raising money for lots of local charities. This is the kind of fair I remember as a child in London in the late 40s.

IMG_20190803_134225  P1000014  IMG_20190803_123238 

Where else, but a village fair would you find people choosing which toy pig to back in a race, a ukelele band, art, craft, a male voice choir, a Japanese dancer, stalls with jam and homemade marmalade  for sale, plums straight from someone’s garden, and Rottingdean Village News giving away hats made out of newspaper!

IMG_20190804_212650    P1000023    P1000008    IMG_20190804_213029    IMG_20190804_214116 

Tbe local bee keepers, Newhaven RNLI, a raffle for the church spire, the local drama association were also there.   There was a big programme of entertainment, the Rottingdean and Saltdean Lions association organised the refreshments and volunteers looked after the temporary carpark that raised funds too. 

P1000004  IMG_20190803_132604  P1000019    

Love the hats people had decorated and met several artists and poets having a happy time in the sun.  There was even croquet in Kipling’s garden but I did not get that far!

IMG_20190803_124354 IMG_20190804_212756 P1000027

This fair is on the same weekend as Brighton’s Pride but I know a few local people with enough energy to do both!

IMG_20190803_132613  P1000024  P1000026

When I was a child my Granny was sometimes asked to open the local summer fair. She always wore a hat that she had decorated herself, with trimmings she had bought during the January sales in the haberdashery department of Bourne and Hollingsworth.

As we had a fruit shop in Goodge Street she always contributed a very colourful and edible raffle prize!

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