Keeping my spirits up in February – nature – haiku – wonderful museum visit.

On misty mornings tears of rain on winter trees shine a little light.


Image may contain: plant  Image may contain: bird  Image may contain: plant, outdoor and nature  Image may contain: bird, plant and outdoor


Ok vanity! But love my picture and poem, cheered me up! Earlier when clearing out I found ‘Blackpool Illuminations’ written at Arvon in 2007. The typed anthology had poems by Polly Dunbar and Rachel Rooney. Oh how talented they were! Always grateful for grant for train fare to first Arvon few years earlier. Published Blackpool poem eventually


No photo description available.   Image may contain: possible text that says 'The Tortoise when the tortoise crawls out of hibernation from the box box of straw, do the rings of his ancient shell shield him from regret does his wrinkly head recall the sound of her voice the haunting echo of her wild, warm laugh as he takes his first bite into into a lettuce leaf are tortoises bereft of feeling is that the secret of their their long life?'

Looking for the light
found poetry and woodcuts
early signs of spring.


Floating worlds at Brighton Pavilion Museum combined wonderful woodcuts and haiku

the link to the exhibition on line

Image may contain: tree, sky, plant, outdoor and nature  No photo description available.   No photo description available.
IMG_20200112_222117 (1)  No photo description available.   IMG_20200112_221927

So many wonderful woodcuts and printing techniques the last print was one that inspiried the impressionists.

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