Sorting essays, stories and photos of our marionettes at last.

I have spent the last week sorting out archive boxes full of essays, stories, my mother’s notes, pages of family history,  photos of our marionettes taken over several years.

There was an early journal about a school journey to France in 1956. I remember the trip made a big hole in the family finances but it started a love of France that stayed with me. 

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I also found a fan letter in the papers dated 1959 and realised that it was not long after the school trip that I was touring in Variety on my own!

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I have been busy copying the photos into files, many of which I don’t remember seeing before. I think they will form an interesting archive. 
The following collage however are photos that may have appeared in posts on this blog in the past.

I seldom advertise but my poetry books are available on Amazon, Lulu and in City Books in Brighton. It would be lovely if you purchased one.

‘The Puppeteer’s Daughter’

John McCullough –

‘Ann Perrin writes brilliant poems that fizz with originality, satisfying the reader’s heart as well as their head. Her work is frequently surreal yet, crucially, never strays far from poignancy. Its energy leaves you feeling revitalized and seeing the world afresh.’
Tim Dooley –  
 ‘Ann Perrin is an original. Her memories of a world that is almost completely lost are coloured with wit and a vivid eye for detail. These are poems that resonate long after one has finished reading them.’

‘The Puppeteer’s Daughter ‘ 

IMG_20191209_114131 I have read poems at Pighog and Pier Poets in Brighton and at Troubadour up in London. The poems explore the complexity of life as the daughter of marionette makers and performers. But there are also poems concerned with life, love and loss, the seaside, artists, allotments and the eccentricities of life. P1040921

Some of the poems were written during a residency in Postman’s Park in the City of London, thanks to The Poetry School ‘Mixed Borders’ and ‘Open London Squares Weekend.’

Other news –

Like many others I find January and February quite depressing so have been grateful for the following:


My friend Maggie showed me a collage she had made. Told me it was a Mandala and gave me a lovely circle of hand made paper. But said can also be done on a pizza base!
Love it!
Knew there were spiritual connections but did not look up until finished mine below – just now! Recommended…calming, absorbing. Going to put mine up somewhere.

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I was just passing

so were they
one of those lovely moments.

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I have re-worked poems written in the last few months and started to send them off to competitions. ‘Nothing venture nothing gain’ as my old granny used to say.

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7 Responses to Sorting essays, stories and photos of our marionettes at last.

  1. nickreeves says:

    Absolutely delightful! x

  2. Pix Smith says:

    These are great! I inherited one of the larger collections of puppets in the US recently, and so I am one with you in the time-consuming process of cataloging things. I’d love to talk with you when you are finished about representing your family in the collection – we are working with an organization to mount and tour the collection – exciting and terrifying at the same time.

    Kudos to you for doing this and making sure that important parts of puppetry history (and cultural history by extension) don’t disappear!

    Pix Smith, Dallas Puppet Theater

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