Pure escapism painting, photography, singing and puppets.

Recently life has been difficult all round, so sometimes just gather things together to cheer myself along.

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I love taking pictures, but painting is soothing and a good kitchen table activity! Paint and paper is inexpensive so why not give it a go? I don’t usually copy established artists but did today. But also love this sketch of chairs I did a few years ago in Shakespeare and Company in Paris. I’ve just rescued the card collage that was falling apart. It represents larger work created in the past.

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‘Patience is a virtue’ my old granny used to say. So if you nurture orchids year after year you have to put up with some dull old branches from time to time.

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A programme about Scotland reminded of our singing group in my tiny house in South London. Six single mums, one guy! We met weekly, found a teacher willing to teach us once a month for just £25! Eventually we sang in old peoples’ homes and finally hired a studio for a couple of hours! We sang ‘The Skye Boat Song.’

A few years later when we had all moved on I found myself in Scotland and filmed the battleground. Decided to use our soundtrack.

If you google – Ann Perrin and The skye boat song  the link on youtube pops up.
For me much of the joy of life is my family, but also creativity, gardening, painting, even changing a room round ! But luckily my family’s livelihood was making marionettes. These puppets are my favourites. Lewis Carroll’s birthday this week. 
Ann shared a memory from 3 years ago.
Setting myself a timescale to complete my memoir. The starting point is our house in Highgate. It will be a mix of prose and poetry and may emerge as a Haibun.
Have started collating the marionette photos from 1946 shows to 1968  Variety, summer seasons, cabaret etc. but they will be included in an archive and a film.  I started the beginning of last year.
An award-winning blog  for a ‘blog that brightens our day’
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