The way the brain may cope with self isolation –

The current coronavirus crisis creates fears that are similar to those of bereavement.

1. Shock and Denial ( hasn’t happened.)

2. Pain and Guilt (life feels chaotic.)

3. Anger and Bargaining (blame others / if only I had done this or that.)

4.Depression and/or Isolation (not clinical depression more sadness. Sometimes best to listen…not talk someone out of it.)

5. Gradual acceptance…

6. Starting to seek solutions to your changed circumstances.

7. Resolution (becoming more optimistic, even carefree.

There is no set timescale to these stages and some people may miss out a stage completely.

Life at the moment is changing daily which seems all the more reason to to keep going, to be as creative as possible.

At the moment ways of coping might include taking up a new activity or returning to a hobby enjoyed in the past.   Art galleries and museums are offering virtual tours. Plenty of free activities are springing up on the internet, cookery, crafts, art and many others.

I am lucky that I am retired and have taken up painting again. This time I am trying acrylic rather than watercolour.  I am also doing a lot of gardening and making a more sustained effort with my writing.


My partner used to play the recorder. More recently he took up the violin again and has started to learn to play the madolin.

It is important to keep optimistic

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